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Graphic Cubes

I’m making a game. It’s a movement shooter where a machine horde has replaced your arm with a grappling hook

Among all the revival boomer shooter, my biggest inspiration is currently Doom Eternal. Not just with the movement which this video is about but also with the AI that will carefully and methodically tear you to shreds! I tried capturing the fast and heavy movement of Doomguy but no matter how fast I made it, the player felt slow and clunky. I figured maybe I need to implement the grappling hook to figure out the issue.

The grappling hook went through multiple iterations. The first one would do a sphere cast which is akin to throwing a ball in a straight line and pulling the player towards the first thing it touches. It worked until it didn’t. You could directly be looking at what you want to grapple towards but it wont grab it. The solution eventually was to go through every object on screen in a given range, and check their distance to the center of the screen. I really wanted to keep the swinging mechanic like Dani’s Karlson but it didn’t fit the gameplay I was going for

Going back to the movement, the discord forced me to play Dusk after which I realized the problem: The player took too long to reach max speed and change directions. By now momentum was already out the window so I decided to jack up the acceleration to 1000% and it was perfection. I made this tiny obstacle course, the link to which is available on my discord! Be sure to test it out and let me know what you think of it! Your feedback is super important to me especially at this stage of development.

Future builds will be exclusive to discord play testers!

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