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Ready to fly?

We at Avian Hearts create games that are Immersive, Fun to look at, and most importantly, fun to play!

If you're ready to work on the coolest games, drop head first into action, and take ownership of your work, you'll fit right in! Check out the openings listed below or go straight to the applications form:

We're an inclusive organization and as such we do not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, race, religion, sex, gender, or sexuality.


Game Developer (Unreal)


  • Write High Quality and Performant code that can be delivered on time

  • Contriute and Adhere to programming principles

  • Design and Implement AI Behaviour

  • Work on systems that lead to emergent behaviour

  • Collaborate with the team to create high quality gameplay mechanics and systems

  • Investigate performance issues and optimize them

Character Artist (3D) [CLOSED]


  • Create 3D Character models, rigs, and animations

  • Create high quality textures for 3D Character Models

  • Come up with interesting character designs that fit with the desired art style

  • Integrate your work into Unreal Engine

Environment Artist (3D) [CLOSED]


  • Create 3D Assets for environments

  • Importing assets into Unreal Engine and arrange them as per level design

  • Create high quality environment textures

  • Come up with stylized environment and setpiece designs

  • Integrate your work into Unreal Engine

3D Animator


  • Creating high quality rigs for character models

  • Create game ready animations for various characters and AI

  • Create first and third person animations

  • Create cutscene animations in Unreal Engine

Something completely else


Don't see a role you fit into but still want to work with us? Apply here and tell us what you're good at!

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