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Mechanical Fury


About the Game:

"Mechanical Fury" is an electrifying first-person shooter that redefines the genre with its fast-paced movement system, grappling hook arm, and Combat Chess Enemy AI facilitating Push Forward Combat. Players will dive into a high-octane world filled with powerful mechs, unique level design, and a cel-shaded art style, guided by a narrative led by a queer protagonist.

Key Features:
  • Grappling Hook Arm: Unleash your inner acrobat with a grappling hook arm, grapple into enemies, and deliver powerful kicks for vertical combat.

  • Inspirations: Drawing inspiration from classics like Doom Eternal, Ghostrunner, Duke Nukem, and more.

  • Vertical Arenas: Navigate through intense vertical arenas, using movement to gain an edge over your enemies.

  • Powerful Mechs: Face off against absurdly powerful mechs in epic battles.

  • AI Innovation: Experience enemy AI with Combat Chess and Push Forward Combat tactics.

  • Unique Art Style: Enjoy a visually stunning cel-shaded art style that's as unique as it is captivating.

  • Inclusive Narrative: Play as a queer protagonist, supported by a loving girlfriend, in a world teeming with mechanical mayhem.

Developer Information:
  • Company Name: Avian Hearts Studios Pvt. Ltd.

  • Team Size: 5+

  • Location: Pune, India (Remote)

  • About: Avian Hearts is a passionate indie game studio dedicated to crafting experiences that are Stylish, Immersive, and Replayable. With a keen eye for aesthetic flair, we infuse every title with a distinctive visual panache. The worlds we construct feel like a game between us and the player, we react to the player's actions and introduce challenges accordingly. This in turn calls the player to play over and over because as you get better, so does the game!

Press Contact:
Steam Link:


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Additional Information:

  • Release Date: Q4 2024

  • Platform: PC and Consoles (Based on Publishers and Reception)

  • Post Launch: Free DLC with additional game modes, Paid DLC with multiplayer

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