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Mechanical Fury

About the game

Get ready to grapple, kick, and DESTROY with Mechanical Fury. Inspired by iconic titles such as Doom Eternal, Quake, Ghostrunner, Mirrors Edge, Ion Fury, and more!

Take control of Agni, a formidable bodybuilder who lost her arm in a brutal fight against a ruthless machine army. But thanks to her resourceful girlfriend, Agni is back in the game with a powerful grappling hook in place of her missing limb. With fury in your heart, set out on a quest for revenge and destroy every mech in your way!

As a movement shooter, tight controls and mobility is a given. Use your grappling arm to reach heights never before seen in a single level. You have 6 deadly weapons in your arsenal, from your trusty Revolver to the All Annihilating Rail Gun. If all else fails you can always kick your way through waves and waves of powerful enemies!


The game is made entirely using Unreal Engine 5 and Blueprints. The models are made in Blender and with the help of a few talented Freelancers as credited in the game itself. Image Graphics are made entirely using Inkscape, GIMP, and Krita.

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